Author Topic: exceeding max decompress layer limit  (Read 9139 times)

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exceeding max decompress layer limit
« on: October 27, 2008, 01:32:57 pm »
I get this error alot from within the trust side of the network when I need to download files from within Iexplorer> Download request is dropped due to exceeding max decompress layer limit.

I know it's the SSg-5 AV default decompress level of 2, I think I researched that level as the default.

What level should I set it to (1-4) to allow some downloads to get through the firewall?


An example is a support call where in trying to setup a GoToMeeting session with a support rep, where I have to download files on the client side, I'll hit the max decompress layer limit. Another example is trying to download from the latest DST patches... Very frustrating for some basis admin functions.

Also as a quick test to know it's the Juniper SSg-5 firewall, I'll disconnect from the trust network, & connect my laptop via Verizon WWAN outside the the firewall and download just fine.