Author Topic: For Sale:"Loaded" Decommissioned Juniper T640 DC Core Router for sale $50k  (Read 3202 times)


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We have available 1x "Loaded" Juniper T640 Router that was recently pulled from service. We are looking to sell for $50k. 90% below market value. We can also part out to sell separately. Please email us with any questions you may have.

(1) Juniper Networks T640 Core Router (M/N: CHAS-BP-T640-S-F)
(2) Juniper Networks T640 DC Power Supplies (M/N: PWR-T1600-3-80-DC-S-B)
(2) Juniper Networks Sonet Clock Generator (M/N: SCG-T-S-04H)
(2) Juniper Networks Control Board-T (M/N: CB-T-S-B)
(5) Juniper Networks Switch Interface Board - Version B (M/N: SIB-I-T640-B-S-F)
(2) Juniper Networks RE-2000 (M/N: RE-A-2000-4096-S-E)
Includes Rack Brackets and Cable Management


(1) Juniper Networks Enhanced II Flexible PIC Concentrator (M/N: T640-FPC2-E2)
(2) Juniper Networks Enhanced Scaling Flexible PIC Concentrator (M/N: T640-FPC3-ES)
(2) Juniper Networks 10-Port Ethernet 1000BASE-X SFP Module (M/N: PC-10GE-SFP-E)
(1) Juniper Networks MultiServices 400 Module (M/N: PB-MS-400-2)
(1) Juniper Networks MULTI-RATE SONET SFP Module (M/N: PB-4OC3-1OC12-SON2-SFP)
(6) Juniper 10GBASE-XENPAK Modules (M/N: PC-1XGE-XENPAK-G)

Cody Giglio
11623 Slater Ave. Unit D
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Ph. 714-625-8779
Cel. 714-206-7757
Fax: 714-444-4142