Author Topic: Juniper M5 + NS500ES Remote Work  (Read 3341 times)


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Juniper M5 + NS500ES Remote Work
« on: February 15, 2012, 08:57:18 am »

We are moving off our Vyatta setup and moving to a Juniper M5 and adding a NS500ES firewall on the network. We currently connect to a peering exchange, full routes BGP w/ 2 providers and hold 2x /23's ipv6 and /48 ipv6.

Critical Tasks:

1. Moving each uplink/testing each uplink
2. Connecting   2x Uplink  > M5 > Firewall > Switch

I'm sure if I showed you the Vyatta configuration you could figure it out, I could as well. But a nice cleanup + security check and integrating the firewall is where I need the help.

Non-Critical:  Ipv6 is used lightly by us

Paid. Please send message with rates, not interested in companies. Interested in individuals.

Best Regards.