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STRM / STRM500 configuration to receive logs from NSMXpress appliance.
« on: January 13, 2013, 11:07:06 pm »
Hello All,
             Other than STRM500 i have NSMXpress & IDP's in my network,  IDP's are manageable
             from NSM, now i want to configure NSMXpress(appliance)to send & STRM500 to receive
             event logs.  Please give step-by-step procedure for it...
             Configuration i did...syslog server configured on NSMXpress(ip of STRM500), category,
             sub-category, severity, actions NSMXpress.
             DSM for NSMXpress(*.rpm installed) deployed on STRM & NSM protocol configured...

             receiving logs but still not able to understand whole functions & features..
             Please share exclusive STRM500 & NSMXpress configuration guide.

In what way i can use all features of NSMXpress || ??

I have following juniper devices in my data center:

1> 2 firewalls-srx650 (primary & secondary for MPLS)
2> 1 firewall-srx650 for Internet.
3> 2 IDP8200 ( primary & secondary for MPLS)
4> 1 IDP8200 for internet.
5> STRM 500
6> Linux(Cent-OS 5.5 installed) server.
7> NSMXpress ||

Please provide us with installation steps & how to use nsmxpress.

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