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I'm not sure if the device supports it, I think that it does though.  Contact Juniper, you'll have to buy a license if it does.

Or you can do what I do which is enable Policy Based Routing and redirect all Port 80 requests to a transparent proxy that's doing the filtering for you!

Have you checked the actual power feeding into the PSU is clean?  You might have low-voltage or something similar, thus requiring a higher rated PSU to make it turn on.

Because you're running 6.2.0 or greater and you are using DHCP to get your WAN address?  Just a guess.  I'm having the same problem.

I second the TFTP suggestion.  You can see the progress then, in detail.  Upgrading via the Web GUI you get zero debugging/help if it fails for some reason.

NetScreen and SSG/ISG Series Firewalls / Re: NS5GT Modem Mac Address
« on: December 21, 2009, 03:49:11 am »
Can you give us a network diagram of what you're trying to do?

NetScreen and SSG/ISG Series Firewalls / Re: NS204 Low Performance
« on: December 21, 2009, 03:48:12 am »
Post your config, that might help us!

Routers / Re: Need Your Help-Do we have JUNOS Router Simulator ?
« on: November 24, 2009, 12:10:55 pm »
Search the internet for the words "JunOS Olive" and see what you find.  It's not supported, not official but it does work.  Goodluck.

Upgrades at the ready!

NetScreen and SSG/ISG Series Firewalls / Re: let me try again..
« on: July 12, 2009, 12:36:36 pm »
As best I understand it, you can't.  You're talking about a VIP there, and I think there's a limit of 64 ports.  At least, that's the limit on my 5GT.

@DannyB: No worries.  Just remember that people will answer when they can, if they know the answer.  If people don't reply, it's because they don't know.  Posting things like "C'mon, answer me" don't help you at all and in fact will often make people NOT reply. - It's a bit long winded and a little bit uppity, but it has some good advice.

Good luck getting your 5GT fixed, they're a great little box.

NetScreen and SSG/ISG Series Firewalls / Re: ADSL not working, 5GT
« on: June 17, 2009, 01:47:20 am »
Yes, I bet you don't have any ADSL on the line!  The 5GT is a pretty good ADSL router, not the best I've used, but not bad.  Very reliable anyway.

Good luck getting it going, if you wouldn't mind letting us know once you get it working, so future people can know what you did :)

C'mon then! On behalf of everyone I'd like to apologise for not dropping everything and answering straight away.  So rude of us.

Anyway: It sounds like it's very broken.  Not given you console output isn't "blocking", that's "broken".  You're at the point of having to contact Juniper about this.

I don't know what else to suggest except buy a new one.

I am assuming of course you've tested your console port/cable and know for a fact they both work.

NetScreen and SSG/ISG Series Firewalls / Re: ADSL not working, 5GT
« on: June 15, 2009, 02:26:37 am »
Sounds like ADSL isn't actually configured on the line.

What does the output of the various "get adsl ...." commands show you?

get adsl basic
get adsl stats

There's also "exec adsl" commands, exec adsl retrain might help?

Do you have another ADSL device you can test with?

NetScreen and SSG/ISG Series Firewalls / Re: Blocking the Facebook
« on: April 16, 2009, 05:41:56 am »
Could you install squid (the web proxy cache) on your network somewhere?  Then, assuming you have ScreenOS 5.4 or later, you can Policy Based Route all Port 80 traffic to it, i.e. set it up as a transparent proxy.

Then you have a huge amount of flexability.  I combine this along with DansGuardian on the free Internet Wifi I offer.  It allows me to offer free Wifi to everyone, while blocking people from stealing all the bandwidth downloading porn.

Squid's free, really the only thing it'll cost you is a small cheap box to run squid on.  Your users might even get some speed benefits from having a web cache!


Can you ping the internet from the 5GT itself?

It's very easy to get this to work, I have a 5GT and this setup worked for me pretty much out of the box.

NetScreen and SSG/ISG Series Firewalls / Re: 5GT VIP port forward issue
« on: February 27, 2009, 06:10:01 am »
Probably that version of code.  I've never worked on a 5GT with anything less than 5.0

NetScreen and SSG/ISG Series Firewalls / Re: 5GT VIP port forward issue
« on: February 13, 2009, 06:43:27 am »
Have you also defined services under your VIP?

This sounds like a strange problem.

I can't speak to 5.0.0r8, but I have a 5GT running 6.2.0r1 and I have no trouble graphing the interfaces from it using MRTG.

I have also previous graphed traffic on it using Screen 5.3.0 and 5.4.0 (though 5.4.0r2 had bugs I recall, SNMP didn't work)

So yes, it's certainly perfectly possible.

Hope that helps...

NetScreen and SSG/ISG Series Firewalls / Re: Intra Zone Confusion!
« on: December 17, 2008, 12:57:20 pm »
Thanks Screenie, I thought that might be the case.


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