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Non-network / Pandora FMS 4.1
« on: July 25, 2013, 06:21:58 am »
Four months after the latest stable version was released and two release candidate versions, Pandora FMS 4.1 is already available. This new version aims to be a much more reliable and long term stable version, which is why it comes with thousands of lines of code changed, more than 100 contributions since the 4.0.3 and over 80 small bugs fixed. 


* A totally new HTML5 Pandora Mobile console

This new web-console has been optimized to work with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices (phones and tablets) so you now can see vital information from your Pandora directly in your phone.

* Visual improvements:

In order to improve our users' experience with Pandora, we have made important enhancements such as adding new styles and modifying the login screen, the view of groups, the modules and agents view and the tree view, among other improvements.

* New Appliance CD (CentOS)

The new appliance of Pandora FMS 4.1 is based on CentOS, which replaces the old one based on SUSE.

Since CentOS offers a more enterprise approach to Linux and our appliance CD is a customized, easy-to-use optimized system with desktop interface, you barely need to have elementary skills in Linux to install it. Everything works out-of-the-box. You can use the ISO image to install it in physical and virtual servers.

The enterprise ICMP & SNMP monitoring has been improved.

The SNMP and ICMP enterprise monitoring has been revamped. The performance and stability have also been improved so you now have an option to monitor thousands of checks per minute.

Other features / improvements

* Improved performance on internal database.
* The Update Manager now supports proxies
* Improved recon detection and topology mapping.
* Now GIS information calculates the distance between measures and the total distance.
* More flexible image configuration for GIS.
* Improved Graphs configuration for Dashboard.
* Some views have been simplified and new help pages and help tips have been added.
* Improved Windows agent, with compatibility for new XML event system, coming with Windows 8 and 2012.

Download it from

Non-network / Pandora FMS 4.0.3 released!
« on: January 24, 2013, 09:52:17 am »
A new release of Pandora FMS is coming right after Christmas. Pandora FMS 4.0.3 is a minor update with new interesting features and a lot of bugs fixed in order to make this version more reliable.

One of the new features is Command snapshot. It allows you to get a static image of any command output of your system. With this new feature, for example, you can find out why the CPU usage of your server is high by comparing it with the "top" command output. The second new feature is Graphic comparison. It helps you be updated on the evolution of your system by comparing one time range with the previous one. It is very useful when big changes are made in your system.

We are committed to create a good product. That is why, this release has a lot of bugs fixed and the improvements mentioned below.

-Faster events view with several bugs fixed.
-Improved database management in order to get the main database and history database working in the same host
-Fixed bugs related to the enterprise ACL and policy management.
-Improved enterprise network servers.
-Improved the agent support for Solaris system and Logevent for Windows.
-Among other bug fixes and performance improvements.

You can download Pandora FMS 4.0.3 in different supports (ISO, VMware image, DEB, RPM and TAR.GZ) at and check the +800 pages documentation at

Non-Juniper General Networking / Pandora FMS 4.0.2 released!
« on: June 27, 2012, 04:02:05 am »
A new version of Pandora FMS is ready! Artica ST has released Pandora FMS 4.0.2 with the aim to improve the tool, keep reliability and improve the performance. In this new version of the IT monitoring several new features were added but the big effort was to fix bugs and improve existing features.

Some of the new features are: a gateway for SSH and Telnet, a new update system for the console, a new Tree View and new ready-to-use plugins for IPMI, DNS and UPD among others. Also, +250 bugs were fixed and several improvements were made, like an improved Visual Console editor, improved local and remote inventory including new modules and bug fixes, improved interfaces for Massive Operations, Policies and Synthetic Modules, performance enhancements for server plugins and much more. See the full list of improvements here

Download Pandora FMS v4.0.2 now at, also available at SourceForge

I hope it will help you to monitor your Juniper devices ;)


Non-Juniper General Networking / Pandora FMS 4 released
« on: October 20, 2011, 10:16:09 am »
Pandora FMS Team have published Pandora FMS 4.0. This version 4.0 has a lot of new features and bug fixes, since the previous version v3.2.1 ten months ago. Some new features are:

- Faster network and recon servers.
- Support for Oracle and PostgreSQL.
- Event correlation.
- Extension and improvement of reports (SLA graphics, TOP n, different wizards, etc).
- New plugins of VmWare 4.1 centralized monitoring and of Amazon EC2.
- New agents with delegated monitoring, proxy and preconditions.
- Skin system.
- SNMP trap manager improved with regular expresions.
- Inventory with Pandora with historic.
- Documentation with more than 600 pages (english, spanish, japanese).
- Packages for all distributions, and images for VMware and Amazon EC2.

Download Pandora FMS v4.0 now !:

More about the new version at:

Non-Juniper General Networking / Networking monitoring software
« on: January 07, 2011, 04:42:05 am »
Hi everybody!

I am a system administrato and I had always used monitoring software like Nagios or Zenoss but they didn't work for me.

After I found Pandora FMS which is earsier and faster, I hope it could help you if you are in trouble with your monitoring software. Pandora FMS is an open source monitoring software under GPL2 able to work with Windows and Linux. After several months of developing and testing and two release canditates (RC1 and RC2) Pandora FMS 3.2 has been published. This version is an update has many performance and usability improvements, furthermore fixes old bugs. Pandora FMS 3.2 is available in a VMware image, RPM packages, DEB packages and of course the source code. Furthermore, now Pandora FMS Administrator Guide has 500 pages and is translated to Spanish, English and as new into Japanese.

More info in:

Also you can download Pandora FMS 3.2 from:

Non-Juniper General Networking / Monitoring systems with PandoraFMS 2.0
« on: September 19, 2008, 02:46:54 am »
Pandora FMS 2.0

Pandora FMS is an OpenSource monitoring software. It can detect a network interface down, a defacement in your website, a memory leak in one of your server application, or the movement of any value of the NASDAQ new technology market. Pandora FMS can send SMS messages when your systems fails... or when Google's value drop below US$ 500.
Pandora FMS can monitor Windows remotely (through WMI), any device via
TCP and/or ICMP checks, and any SNMP device through polling and trap
reception. Also allows to reuse user-defined "plugins" that make remote checks, like execute remote commands, connecting devices by telnet to gather data, etc.

Pandora FMS can perform periodical network reconnissances to discover
new hosts and devices on the network and can create a visual network map, with its network topology and OS type. Pandora FMS also has an WYSIWYG AJAX Visual Console editor for interactive map creation;

It has also advanced features like data replication across multiple Pandora FMS setups, pattern-anomaly detection, a prediction engine, a  event notificacion manager and a correlation alert system.

Besides agentless monitoring it has software agents that can be
installed in most OS on the market, these agents can be remotely
configured from the Console, and are able to process logs from Windows and Unix systems.

Reporting features include user defined reports: SLA checks, real time  graphs, and much more possibilities thanks to its SQL automanaged backend.
Link & Other data:

Download link:
Available for: Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac

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