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Marketplace / WTS: Juniper ERX1440 loaded with ERX-HDE-MOD
« on: January 06, 2016, 07:40:59 pm »
Greetings anyone have interest in the following?

ERX1440 configured as follows

2x ERX-40G2GEC2-SRP - 40G Switch Route Processor

14x ERX-HDE-MOD - supports the High Density Ethernet IOA and the 2-port Gigabit Ethernet IOA

We have these bundles priced at $30,000.00ea obo

If you need just the cards I'll break those out to suit your needs.  Also able to build configs to suit your needs.  This gear has been tested working and ships with one year warranty!

Marketplace / WTS: Juniper T320-BASE-DC
« on: August 11, 2009, 05:32:37 pm »

Juniper T320 Internet Router

2x RE-600-2048 - Routing Engine board with 600 MHz Pentium III, 2048 MB DRAM, 256 MB flash drive, 30 GB hard disk drive (redundant option)- Requires JUNOS 5.4 or later.
2x SCG-T320 - Sonet Clock Generator
3x SIB-T320 - Switch Interface
2x PEM1 - Power Entry Module

$19,995.00 used in excellent condition.

We have a great deal of hardware in stock.  Mainly used but some new surplus items. Typically we price our used equipment at no more than 20% of original list price.  Everything ships with our standard 90 day hardware warranty.  Please don't hesitate to call with your requests!  Thankyou.

Kurt Paulus
NW Remarketing Inc
503.391.8191 x 114
503.881.3578 cell
503.375.8470 Fax
AOLIM: kurtnwr

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