Author Topic: Forum organization suggestions?  (Read 4467 times)


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Forum organization suggestions?
« on: May 18, 2009, 03:00:50 pm »
J-series and SRX platforms are very similar from an operational standpoint now.  Should these be combined into a single forum called JUNOS Flow Mode software or something similar?

I'm also thinking it might make sense to combine all of the ScreenOS topics into a single section. 

Would it make sense to lump anything that runs JUNOS into a single section?  This is a lot of different products, but they all have overlapping functionality.  If someone needs help configuring BGP on an SRX, a BGP wizard browsing the Routers section might not even see the post. 

When I created this forum, I made sure to keep as few sections as possible to help spur discussion on topics, but Juniper's product line has grown to a point where this isn't really feasible unless I start lumping devices with similar functionality together.