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IDP - Stack OverFlow error
« on: July 09, 2008, 07:33:38 am »
IDP is running release 3.2r2. After pushing a policy using IDP manager, it has gone into pass-through mode and not responding using manager.

Getting following messages through console which is flowing continuously. Any solutions anyone? Unfortunately dont have support on the boxes to open JTAC case.




iss1 login: Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000394

*pde = 00000000

Oops: 0000

CPU:    0

EIP:    0010:[<80be050c>]    Tainted: PF

EFLAGS: 00010202

eax: 00000340   ebx: 00000054   ecx: 00000004   edx: 40337530

esi: 4033755c   edi: 00000001   ebp: 4033749c   esp: 40337474

ds: 0018   es: 0018   ss: 0018

Process swapper (pid: 0, stackpage=40337000)

Stack: 6d1c9de3 4033755c 4033757c 76e70124 40336000 00000000 00000003 76e70114

       00000001 00000000 403374ec 80be0370 6d1c9de3 4033755c 00000001 00000000

       40337530 00000000 00000000 80bb7294 6d1c9dc4 6d1c9de0 4033757c 80bb7265

Call Trace:    [<80be0370>] [<80bb7294>] [<80bb7265>] [<80e48540>] [<80be081d>]

  [<80e48540>] [<80bdf0c6>] [<80c378d2>] [<80c37763>] [<80f07a18>] [<80f07a18>]

  [<80df6640>] [<80c3b625>] [<80bb7f61>] [<80be7e00>] [<80bb7f61>] [<80c3bbf8>]

  [<80c4b49c>] [<80c3e0be>] [<80c3e443>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80c27798>] [<80dadb0d>]

  [<80f5ea60>] [<80dd3720>] [<80db0d40>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80f5ea60>]

  [<80ca435a>] [<80c2fbae>] [<80ca6e75>] [<80f87d40>] [<80f87d40>] [<80e48d40>]

  [<80c2bd48>] [<80e48d40>] [<80c2fbae>] [<80db6891>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80f5ea60>]

  [<80c2d4c2>] [<80e48d40>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80c2e5f0>] [<80f87d66>] [<80c308f5>]

  [<80c28f48>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80f87d64>] [<80f87d40>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80f5ea60>]

  [<80f5ea60>] [<80da9f25>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80e48d40>] [<80c4c713>] [<80c3251c>]

  [<80f5ea60>] [<80f84270>] [<80dab1c7>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80e48d40>]

  [<80f5ea60>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80c0aa4b>] [<80e48d40>] [<80c0baa9>] [<80e48d40>]

  [<80e48d40>] [<401092fe>] [<80bbccc1>] [<80d860b9>] [<80d860c1>] [<80d9edd4>]

  [<80d9edcb>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80d88e74>] [<80bf10af>] [<80e48d40>] [<80bf10ca>]

  [<402735fa>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80da8535>] [<80e48d40>] [<80da5625>]

  [<80f5ea60>] [<80da4a24>] [<40273253>] [<80e47a78>] [<80f84200>] [<40277da5>]

  [<80e47a78>] [<809474c4>] [<401bbb79>] [<401d10ea>] [<809470df>] [<401245de>]

  [<40278075>] [<401206a6>] [<4010b413>] [<401071d0>] [<4010db68>] [<401071d0>]

  [<401071ff>] [<40107292>] [<40105000>]

Code: f6 04 03 02 0f 84 22 02 00 00 8b 42 04 8a 14 03 88 d0 c0 e8

Dumping from interrupt handler !

Uncertain scenario - but will try my best

e1000: eth3: e1000_watchdog: NIC Link is Down

do_IRQ: stack overflow: 984

40336a78 000003d8 00000000 000009a0 00000000 00000004 00000001 00001501

       40336b9c 4010db68 00000004 40336b3c 00000001 00000001 00001501 40336b9c

       53e3a000 40330018 80d80018 ffffff4d 80d8a8e0 00000010 00000297 53fb4464

Call Trace:    [<4010db68>] [<80d80018>] [<80d8a8e0>] [<80f82c80>] [<80bbd97a>]

  [<80d8b75a>] [<80be7121>] [<80f5eaa8>] [<80db8a82>] [<80db8ae0>] [<80be7734>]

  [<80f5eaa8>] [<80daf14c>] [<80dae146>] [<80f5eaa8>] [<80f82ac0>] [<80e36146>]

  [<80db09cf>] [<80f5eaa8>] [<80f5eaa8>] [<80db6891>] [<80f5eaa8>] [<80f5eaa8>]

  [<80f5eaa8>] [<80bbd97a>] [<80bc35b9>] [<80c0aa4b>] [<80e48d84>] [<80e48d84>]

  [<80bc79a2>] [<80f5eaa8>] [<80f70a60>] [<402734de>] [<80f5eaa8>] [<80bf10af>]

  [<80e48d84>] [<80da86d4>] [<80da8535>] [<80e48d84>] [<80da5625>] [<80f5eaa8>]

  [<80da4a24>] [<80e47a78>] [<80f84200>] [<40277da5>] [<80e47a78>] [<809474c4>]

  [<809470df>] [<40124800>] [<40278075>] [<401206a6>] [<40116de0>] [<4010e4bd>]

  [<40116de0>] [<4010b056>] [<402646ff>] [<402651d8>] [<40109aeb>] [<4011709c>]

  [<40116de0>] [<40109274>] [<80be050c>] [<80be0370>] [<80bb7294>] [<80bb7265>]

  [<80e48540>] [<80be081d>] [<80e48540>] [<80bdf0c6>] [<80c378d2>] [<80c37763>]

  [<80f07a18>] [<80f07a18>] [<80df6640>] [<80c3b625>] [<80bb7f61>] [<80be7e00>]

  [<80bb7f61>] [<80c3bbf8>] [<80c4b49c>] [<80c3e0be>] [<80c3e443>] [<80f5ea60>]

  [<80c27798>] [<80dadb0d>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80dd3720>] [<80db0d40>] [<80f5ea60>]

  [<80f5ea60>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80ca435a>] [<80c2fbae>] [<80ca6e75>] [<80f87d40>]

  [<80f87d40>] [<80e48d40>] [<80c2bd48>] [<80e48d40>] [<80c2fbae>] [<80db6891>]

  [<80f5ea60>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80c2d4c2>] [<80e48d40>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80c2e5f0>]

  [<80f87d66>] [<80c308f5>] [<80c28f48>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80f87d64>] [<80f87d40>]

  [<80f5ea60>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80da9f25>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80e48d40>]

  [<80c4c713>] [<80c3251c>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80f84270>] [<80dab1c7>] [<80f5ea60>]

  [<80f5ea60>] [<80e48d40>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80c0aa4b>] [<80e48d40>]

  [<80c0baa9>] [<80e48d40>] [<80e48d40>] [<401092fe>] [<80bbccc1>] [<80d860b9>]

  [<80d860c1>] [<80d9edd4>] [<80d9edcb>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80d88e74>] [<80bf10af>]

  [<80e48d40>] [<80bf10ca>] [<402735fa>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80da8535>]

  [<80e48d40>] [<80da5625>] [<80f5ea60>] [<80da4a24>] [<40273253>] [<80e47a78>]

  [<80f84200>] [<40277da5>] [<80e47a78>] [<809474c4>] [<401bbb79>] [<401d10ea>]

  [<809470df>] [<401245de>] [<40278075>] [<401206a6>] [<4010b413>] [<401071d0>]

  [<4010db68>] [<401071d0>] [<401071ff>] [<40107292>] [<40105000>]


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Re: IDP - Stack OverFlow error
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2008, 12:21:14 am »
Just for you guys to know the solution. There was no solution :(
We had to re-image the IDP and upload the IDP policies again.
It was a pain. But fortunately re-imaging only took about 10 minutes.