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cache for multiple subdomain
« on: July 01, 2008, 06:33:29 am »

We have a site with a lot of subdomains. For now I will use the url as tld and as subdomains. (as example)

We have a cluster for
Now we will enable caching on this cluster.

Code: [Select]
Juniper% show cache test. net stats detail gives us:
Code: [Select]
Hit Count Statistics:
   Size      # Hits   Cache Time   Order                    URL
---------- ---------- ---------- ----------  ----------------------------------
   6.87KB      9.24M         28          1  /sripts/misc.js
  15.49KB      9.08M         15          2  /style22.css
   5.70KB      9.07M         28          3  /js/arnostat.js
      45B      9.03M        104          4  /img/v_balk.gif
     119B      9.03M        122          5  /images/logo.gif
     322B      9.01M        117          6  /images/ico_pda.gif

so... not the whole url is used in the cache?

And now the problem:
if is cached, it also used for
and that's a big issue.... is cached, an will also shown on

Is there any solution for this problem?

Yeah, we can redesign our sites... and make the path of very site unique but that's not an option.