Author Topic: NC and PPP / PPPOE Dialup prior to GINA  (Read 2107 times)


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NC and PPP / PPPOE Dialup prior to GINA
« on: August 30, 2006, 08:04:27 am »

I have a couple of Windows 2000 PC´s that are supposed to connect to the Windows Domain by means of dialup networking and NC.

Basically I want to achieve the following:
- user enters username/password for domain
- selects the domain to login
- selects "connect through dialup"
- pppoe login through DSL takes place
- NC fires up through GINA and logs into the SA

What happens when I try to achieve is that NC starts *before* the dialup connection can be selected,
so GINA/NC login fails (as there is no connectivity into the internet yet).

When I select cancel to skip NC login I can then choose the dialup profile. Of course having the network
up after having cancelled NC is stupid.

Any idea anyone how to influence the starting order of NC and dialup or how to implement what
I´m trying to do?