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show interfaces statistics
« on: October 27, 2015, 11:02:10 pm »
Hi guys,
First post here and as you guessing I need your help.

Im trying to find a command in juniper similar to define interface-range macro1 gigabitethernet0/1 , fastethernet0/5 7 or something similar to interface range from cisco world.
Basically I want to "show" multiple interfaces (#10-15), but these interfaces could be spread-up on many line cards. Any idea, Im new in junos.

The main commands I want to use (for bulk show) are:
- show interfaces statistics xe-4/0/"[0-3]" | match error
- show interfaces xe-0/1/2 detail extensive | match error

The ideal command  :mrgreen: should be something like "show interfaces (xe-0/1/2,xe-9/3/1,xe-5/0/2) detail extensive | match error"

So far Im using the below one but still is not very handy as the ports should be somehow in in the same line card or in sequence.

show interfaces statistics xe-4/*/"[4,5]"

- Wildcard range command more or less works with same syntax format.

wildcard range show interfaces ge-0/0/[0-23]

- This one might works, however it adds some parameters into interfaces and I don't want that.

edit interfaces interface-range name member xe-3/2/1

/*Common configuration is added as part of interface-range definition*/
mtu 256;
hold-time up 10;
ether-options {
speed {