Author Topic: J2320 running 11.4R10.3 facing memory allocation issue and flowd_hm process high  (Read 2540 times)


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J2320 router running 11.4R10.3 is facing memory allocation issue and flow_hm process is high. Currently have 1.5G DRAM and 1G flash, finding Wired memory is consuming the max with ~750MB of DRAM. Finding the below logs in the router.
R-1> show system processes extensive
last pid: 2362; load averages: 0.21, 0.20, 0.21 up 0+09:43:29 16:46:45
145 processes: 2 running, 125 sleeping, 18 waiting
Mem: 266M Active, 103M Inact, 730M Wired, 192M Cache, 69M Buf, 204M Free

11 root 1 171 52 0K 12K RUN 416:10 77.93% idle
1171 root 1 105 0 704M 606M select 124:16 14.60% flowd_hm
show log messagesSmiley Embarassed>
R-1 fwdd[1171]: NH: Failed to find nh (71548) for deletion
R-1 /kernel: RT_PFE: NH IPC op 11 (DELETE NEXTHOP) failed, err 7 (Doesn't Exist) peer_class 0, peer_index 0 peer_type 10
R-1 /kernel: Process with Most Children- 0:swapper - Children - 60
R-1 /kernel: nearing maxproc limit by uid 0, please see tuning(7) and login.conf(5)
R-1 fwdd[1171]: NH(mtj_nh_ucast_install): Failed addition (67868:Unicast, 2) during index allocation (memory allocation failure)
R-1 fwdd[1171]: Failed to create platform state for nh (67868), memory allocation failure
R-1 fwdd[1171]: Failed to install in platform, memory allocation failure for NH (67868)
R-1 fwdd[1171]: Type specific Add failed memory allocation failure nh-id:67868
While initiating ping we are finding the below logs:
R-1> ping
could not create child process

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Hi there, Hope the message gets to you. I'm in need of a huge favor.  I have an old J2320 that is still running on R9.1R1.8 (please don't laugh). Getting the newer software is a pain and I was hoping you may be able to assist by taking a snapshot of your latest software and dump it to a removable CF that I will be providing. Please do not point me to JTAC's website to download the sw since I do not have a valid contract with them.

Thank you so much in advance,