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Proxy DNS
« on: February 02, 2014, 09:17:49 am »
Good day,

 I have built few vpn tunnel with my workplace. Everything work fine.

I'm already using proxy DNS, so all the dns query on my lan pass through the SSG140 (that I use at home). That work fine.

Since I built the tunnel, I have added an entry into the the proxy dns:

set dns proxy
set dns proxy enable
set interface ethernet0/8 proxy dns
set dns server-select domain odessa.local outgoing-interface tunnel.1 primary-server secondary-server
set dns server-select domain * outgoing-interface ethernet0/9 primary-server secondary-server tertiary-server failover

Eth0/8 is my local lan (
tunnel.1 is the tunnel I have with my workplace

I'm able to reach all resource on that work lan (

If I do : nslookup whatever.odessa.local,  it work, I get the result..

but if I do only : nslookup whatever.odessa.local, i get timeout..

I had looked the dns log ..

I see that:

2014-02-02 09:58:33   info   DNS request "odessadc01.odessa.local" from is forwarded to server
2014-02-02 09:58:30   info   DNS request "odessadc01.odessa.local" from is forwarded to server

So it seem the ssg want to send the request to the right server, but it doesnt..

please, i need help :S