Author Topic: Date and Time Synchronization Issue  (Read 1752 times)


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Date and Time Synchronization Issue
« on: October 31, 2013, 05:06:43 am »

Dear all:-
I am facing an issue regarding date and time synchronization of Juniper EX-4200 switch.
I updated junos OS image on ex4200 switch from 10.1R1.8 to 12.3R3.4. Now the issue is that whenever I reboot my switch its current date and time set to 14th June 2013. I changed the date and time and commit successfully. But when I reboot the switch again the date and time automatically set to 14th June 2013 which is the OS built time of Junos OS 12.3R3.4..... Any one have the solution please????

Amjad Raja