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IDP Connection
« on: October 12, 2013, 06:41:38 pm »
Hi everybody. First I wanna say sorry for my language, because it is not my home language.

I have simply quqestion about I have simply quqestion about
I have Netscreen IDP-BYPASS, like on this picture :

I got Netscreen NS 5 GT. I can connected it to laptop on RJ45.

My problem is how tu connected this IDP to my laptop ?
RJ45 to laptop doesn't work.
There still blink Orange led at Status. In technical documentation is say that "bypass unit is active".

I read in technical document that connection is possible only by cable RS232. So i buy cable db9 to rj45 but it still doesn't work.
In internet people say that only one way is run Red Hat Linux and install there a Management Server from CD.
But i haven't cd and don't know how to install that.

I'm not a customer, I just study IT and my idea was to get some information about Juniper Networks, so i buy this two device.
I configure NS5GT but got problem vith vpn...
But IDP-BYP i can't connected to gateway ...

If somebody can help me, please do that or say what i doing wrong.