Author Topic: mac address flapping after after IDP8200 upgrade  (Read 2788 times)


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mac address flapping after after IDP8200 upgrade
« on: March 24, 2013, 11:43:39 am »

I have a strange issue. Recently I upgraded IDP8200 from 5.1r2 to 5.1r3 and just after the upgrade I am getting mac address flapping messages in 2 different switches connected to a single IDP. To fix this issue I had to remove one of the cable and it works fine but we want to have redundant cable. On our IDP, we have L2 bypass enabled but no STP enabled on VR's. We have Cisco 4507 switches and I can see traffic coming on both the switch interfaces forwarded to IDP. Before the upgrade everything was working okay and we did not see any mac address flap messages.

Is there anything I am missing? Any help is really appreciated.