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supernatural season 7 dvd Plot: Dean has a dream about Castiel asking to meet him in private. Sam and Dean are shocked to discover Castiel's human host, Jimmy, is back in control. Jimmy wants his life back but Sam and Dean believe he is in danger. the killing season 2 dvd Plot: Richmond rises in the polls; a surprising individual turns himself in. Sarah learns Jack is missing, which halts the progress of the case. While steering clear of the FBI, Sarah and Holder uncover some surprising new evidence; Richmond scrambles to get back into the mayoral race; and Mitch's actions endanger her sons, leaving Stan to try and gain the upper hand. damages season 5 dvd Plot:  As Patty ramps up the pressure on UNR, her foes start to crack. Meanwhile, Wes and Ellen's relationship takes a new turn, and the FBI probe of Patty takes a shocking one.  game of thrones seasons 1-2 dvd Plot: Accompanied by his daughters, Ned rides south to take his place in King Robert's court, but Catelyn remains at Winterfell, praying that Bran will recover. Meanwhile, Tyrion tags along when Jon Snow leaves for the Night's Watch with his uncle; and Daenerys gets advice on how to please her husband. merlin seasons 1-5 dvd Plot: Superman rescues an innocent man from death row. Superman mystifies everyone when he marries a beautiful blonde policewoman. A new court physician arrives and his first job is to try and cure Morgana of a mysterious illness. Gaius is soon at risk of losing his job when Uther is impressed with his abilities, so he decides to call in his friend Geoffrey of Monmouth to find out mo