Author Topic: For Sale: Juniper Matrix (Core router to connect 4x T640's) $25,000 Or make m  (Read 3211 times)


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In  stock-  $25,000 or make me a fair offer  (we also have 1 completely loaded with the SIB 4 TX boards)

1 x Juniper TX Matrix Multichassis Core Router (for T640 Routers)



2x RE2000-4096 Routing Engines



2x CB-TX - Control Board



1x SIB-4-TX - Switch Interface Board TX Matrix (These alone list for $175,000.00ea)



1 x Juniper T640 PWR-T-DC-S-B - T640 and TX Matrix DC Power Entry Module Spare


PN: 740-002595


Platform    T320    T640    T1600    T4000    TX Matrix with 4 x T640    TX Matrix Plus with 16 x T1600
Full-Duplex Throughput    320 Gbit/s    640 Gbit/s    1.6 Tbit/s    3.8 Tbit/s    2.5 Tbit/s    25.6 Tbit/s
Half-Duplex Throughput    160 Gbit/s    320 Gbit/s    800 Gbit/s    1.9 Tbit/s    1.3 Tbit/s    12.8 Tbit/s
Maximum Forwarding Rate    385 Mpps    770 Mpps    1920 Mpps    unknown    3000 Mpps    30700 Mpps
Rack Space    1/3 rack    1/2 rack    1/2 rack    1/2 rack    3 racks    11 racks
10-Gigabit Ethernet Density    16    32    64    unknown    128    1024
Fully Redundant Hardware    Yes    Yes    Yes    Yes    Yes    Yes
Multichassis Capable    No    Yes    Yes    unknown    Yes    Yes


Juniper Networks TX Matrix is the central switching and routing element that interconnects up to four T640 chassis into a single routing entity with 32 slots and a sustainable throughput rate of up to 3.2 Tbps (7.68 billion pps). With TX Matrix, operators can build systems containing up to four line-card chassis for a total of up to 160/320 10GbE (line rate/oversubscribed) ports, and 32 40Gbps.

The TX Matrix scales gracefully as more ports are added—additional routers and slots are connected to the center stage fabric over optical interfaces. Thus, TX Matrix expands network capacity with non-blocking bandwidth. The scalable configurations of the TX Matrix increases equipment lifespan and further reduces CapEx costs, and most importantly enables operators to seamlessly grow with explosive traffic growth. It is also upgradeable to next generation multi chassis technology.
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