Author Topic: VLAN Swapping or Transition on the same Interface  (Read 3065 times)


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VLAN Swapping or Transition on the same Interface
« on: February 20, 2012, 09:10:55 am »

I have a requirement to 'bridge' 2 VLANs (either dot1q or qinq) on the same trunk port in a MetroEthernet network switch. Basically, an EX/MX is an NPE or UPE. To simplify the scenario, the NPE (or NPE1) switch forms 1x VLL connectivity to a BRAS, let's say via ge1/1/1 (which maps to VLAN X or VLAN X.1. The same NPE also connects to another MetroE NPE (NPE2) at another location with VPLS connectivity on the same ge1/1/1 interface (which maps to VLAN Y or VLAN Y.1). So, my question is whether there is any command within the EX/MX that allows me to translate VLAN Y to VLAN X for ingress all traffic from another MetroE NPE via VPLS connectivity so that they will terminate at BRAS via VLL and the same physical interface? If so, what are the commands? Below is the diagram:

NPE1 (ge1/1/1) ------------VLL---------> BRAS