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Is Load sharing will work on router
« on: July 07, 2011, 02:26:28 am »
Hi all,

Please help me out with WX-590
I had device to device setup and i m using 1 side WX590 and WX3400 on another side,both side throughput is 45 Mbps and license is unlimited.
But the WAN link i m using right now is 30 Mbps which is connected to the router on both end, and after both side WX devices.
"Now i m using QoS set at 30 Mbps as per link capacity.
+ as Juniper recommendation link capacity should be greater then or Equal to throughput licence.
+ the question is can i use, 1 more link on the router and enable load sharing
+ with help of that now i can have 2 WAN Link 1 is 30 Mbps capacity and 2nd link is also 30 Mbps (means Equal of both link is 60 Mbps on the router).
+ and also configured on router if traffic comes for WX so send by both Links.
+ will this work for WX to send data on both link considering as only 1 60 Mbps link.
+ Is there any portability that load will work for this segment.

any help will appreciated.......

Santosh Singh
India, Mumbai.
+ please help me out of this will this scenario works for WX devices.