Author Topic: STRM - Basic configuration for SRX logs  (Read 6456 times)


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STRM - Basic configuration for SRX logs
« on: May 24, 2011, 06:27:58 am »
Hi, I am beginner with STRM and need configure SRX 5800 to send logs to 2 STRM5000 with basic installation (IP address, domain, NTP...), can someone help me with these doubts:

- Do I need configure something in STRM in order to accept logs from SRX? The configuration I am using in SRX side is according this link:

- Once I send SRX logs to SRTM, is possible see these logs from SRX or only can be seen from STRM?

- By other hand, I readed in Juniper documentation that SRTM upgrade require CD-ROM, STRM500 have not got CD-ROM in chassis and I would need external USB CD-ROM, is possible other upgrade method (FTP, USB disk...)?

Thank you