Author Topic: Contract work (remote) - dual ISP with dual HA NS500s load-balance active-active  (Read 5436 times)


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I'm doing a build out at a new datacenter; I have 2 - Netscreen 500's w/5.4 OS. I have - 2 ISPs that are coming in via 2 separate cables/subnets.

I'd like the 2 ISPs to load-balance ( aggregate total bandwidth ); but during failure - all traffic routes to which-ever ISP is still online - so I assume I need something like a separate VR per ISP - and source of  policy routing setup.

Once past the initial subnet#1 ( ISP1 ) or subnet#2 ( ISP2 ) - I need a 3rd subnet - in transparent mode - as all servers and foundry load-balancers will be running public IP space on a 3rd subnet.

Interested?  Send me a bid for what you would charge to do it.