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LACP (802.3ad)
« on: July 10, 2013, 11:25:03 am »

Two Linux servers (Hypervisor1 and NAS) are connected to the switch (Juniper EX2200), each of them have two 1G NICs bonded in LACP trunks (mode=4, so it's 802.3ad).

I'm testing the bandwidth between these two servers and getting only 1Gbit/s. If I add more servers (for example, Hypervisor2) to the switch and testing bandwidth between NAS and both hypervisors simultaneously, I can see that both NICs of NAS are working good, so the total bandwidth of the bonded interface on NAS is almost 2Gbit/s, but it never exceeds 1Gbit/s between NAS and any of hypervisors.

Is it true that I can't get more than 1GB between this pair of servers with 802.3ad?

Maybe I should try other modes of link aggregation?

Thank you very much!